AI Has A Privacy Problem, And The Solution is Privacy Tech, Not More Red Tape

Privacy fellow, Lourdes Turrecha, explores the key to safeguarding privacy in this new world is not more regulation, but potential growing privacy tech.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has unquestionably revolutionized our lives, but as it continues to infiltrate various facets of our existence, its privacy implications have come under intense scrutiny. The remarkable advantages that AI brings—efficiency, convenience, and safety—often come at the cost of our privacy and security. This concern is far from unfounded. AI’s privacy issue is a ticking time bomb, exacerbated by its large-scale data processing and autonomous decision-making, often lacking proper human oversight. The knee-jerk reaction to this dilemma has been a cry for more policies, regulations, and red tape. But let’s be honest, will a mere influx of bureaucratic paperwork truly remedy AI’s privacy woes?