The Federal Trade Commission took an important step to uphold COPPA with its first enforcement action under the rule against Retro Dreamer and LAI Systems, LLC for unlawfully collecting information from children under 13.

Today’s decision shows that everyone in this space must be transparent about how they protect children’s privacy. Since going into effect on July 1, 2013, the vast majority of companies around the world have spent countless hours working to comply with the FTC regulation.

Every member of Know What’s Inside has done the right thing to protect children’s privacy by following the rule and being transparent about what’s inside of their apps. All companies that participate in Know What’s Inside are transparent about what’s inside their apps including things like data collection and advertising.

Part of protecting children’s privacy is educating technology companies on how to follow laws like COPPA and FERPA. Know What’s Inside includes over 500 companies that agree to a set of best practices to follow COPPA and be transparent about their data practices. Parents and educators use Know What’s Inside to find technology that, at-a-glance, is clear about what happens inside the app.


December 17, 2015; By Sara Kloek

Originally posted on Medium