Earnings season is upon us and its already rocking the mobile world.  Apple reported a ridiculous quarter yesterday.  Microsoft reported a fantastic quarter today.  And, Nokia…they took a bruising.

In fact, for the first time ever, Apple shipped more smartphones worldwide than Nokia.

“Nokia says it sold 16.7 million smartphones in the previous quarter (April through June). During that same time, Apple sold over 20 million iPhones.”

There is no question this is a new low for Nokia, but ReadWriteWeb nailed it with its analysis:

“If anything, this remarkable (but expected) turn of events further proves that Nokia was right to pick a new direction for its company. Symbian has not been an attractive enough offering to lure smartphone users away from their iPhones and Androids.”

To make matters worse, Nokia’s pre-announced move  from Symbian and to Windows Phone 7 probably contributed to this rapid decline.  So, in many ways this decline was preordained and the end of 2011/early 2012 will be the important indicators for Nokia’s future.  The only real question, is whether Nokia’s decision to go with WP7 instead of peeing in its pants for warmth was the right one.