…[O]ne of the key platform items in the climate change negotiations between and among the international community has been the focus on sharing intellectual property so as to allow developing and undeveloped countries to curb carbon emissions and otherwise be environmentally friendly. Of course “sharing” is code for permanently borrowing without remuneration (i.e., stealing) and “intellectual property” is code for innovation (i.e., patents). So the collective wisdom of much of the international community seems to be that individuals and businesses that have devoted substantial amounts of time, money and energy to develop new and unique innovations should simply donate those to the cause for free. As if that would encourage any further advances or the march of innovation in the future! Simply put, a terribly bad idea even if global warming were real. It is nearly criminal given that so much of this all now seems to be a hoax.

"Hoax" might be a strong word to describe the apparent shenanigans behind the on-going claims that CO2 emissions are causing the average temperature of Planet Earth to rise, but that doesn't stop the unusually tenacious and vocal Quinn from putting forth such vituperations. I can only guess that he finds the fact of IP involvement in the climate change debate enough justification to rant and rave about how incorrect scientists are about the warming earth and to don his armchair expert helmet to head-butt his way into the conversation.

Fibre2fashion.com: Praise for the US Senate's confirmation of Victoria Espinel as the Obama administration's IP Czar are trickling in including this from the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA):

President and CEO Kevin M. Burke released the following statement applauding last night’s confirmation of Victoria Espinel by the U.S. Senate to be the nation’s first Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator.

“I am thrilled that the Senate has swiftly confirmed Victoria Espinel to serve as the first-ever Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. Ms. Espinel’s vast experience dealing with intellectual property issues will provide President Obama with the necessary knowledge to push forward important enforcement efforts needed to fight the growing prevalence of counterfeit products crossing our borders."

In the business of shoes and shirts, piracy and counterfeiting damages run into the billions of dollars and it only makes good sense for the chief of the AAFA to embrace the appointment of a sympathetic person to the newly-created IP Czar position aka Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, don't you agree? Check out the rest of Burke's glowing statement in AAFA congratulates new Intellectual Property Coordinator.

The Austin Chronicle: The Republican Party of Texas might be in for an IP showdown after its new online attack ad, featuring unauthorized use of a song by "The Platters," comes under partisan scrutiny. But seeing as the potentially aggrieved is deceased, no shots will probably be fired. Richard Whittaker reports:

The Republican Party of Texas has been getting a lot of free press for its new online attack ad about Houston Mayor Bill White. One problem: There's a very good chance the ad may violate copyright law.

The ad, entitled Bill White: Too Liberal for Texas, features a litany of claims about White, accompanied by about 90 seconds of "The Great Pretender," performed by The Platters and written by their manager, Buck Ram.

Now this was a 1955 recording: Ram only died in 1991, and the band is still touring (actually, due to complicated legal wranglings, there are multiple versions of the band).

The communications manager for the RP of T is claiming IP immunity due to the song's usage in a  parody, but not everyone's buying that Texas tell tale. Find out the rest of the facts by reading Whittaker's Protecting (Intellectual) Property.

PatentBaristas.com: As the end of 2009 draws near, the expected batch of "Best of" and "Top 10" lists begin to be featured in a variety of venues. Although the audience might be more limited than say, a list of the Top 10 Prejean Sex Tapes, Stephen Albainy-Jenei's recent post featuring the 3rd Annual Blawg 100is no less entertaining. Or, if you're in the mood for something more compact and personal, Albainy-Jenei also offers up a selection of his favorite blogs for your perusal. For more on what makes a law blog a "blawg" and other related thoughts, read Vote: Blawg 100 Law Blogs.

Change.org: Here's a paragraph to kick off some lively conversation about Big Pharma and the supposed "need" to increase IP protections for their products:

…[W]hen PhRMA runs doomsday ads telling you that paying less means you’ll suffer and die because new and innovative drugs won't be available, turn off the TV. The truth is that Congress allows PhRMA to reap monopoly-like profits for sub-par drugs (did I mention its lobbying budget?) Our high drug prices actually play a role in US companies being less innovative and productive. It starting to sound a lot like the private insurance industry, isn’t it? Putting these behemoths on a diet will save us from bankruptcy and them from the same fate as American automotive dinosaurs.

Article author Gillian Hubble goes on in her piece to unveil the faulty methodology used by Big Pharma to try to gain government handouts in the form of increased monopolies for their products which ends up being the very thing that creates a situation of being hoist by their own petard.

Big Pharma needs someone sharp like AHIP’s Karen Ignani. It’s gotten fat, lazy and stupid relying on regular government handouts for minimal work. Either that or it’s high on its own products. Because it was caught red-handed punching holes in its own adopted methodology for proving US drug innovation leads the globe. Turns out it doesn’t, even by clearly US-biased criteria. That fact, and PhRMA’s response, won’t help its case in the court of public opinion. But it still gets away with bank robbery in current healthcare reform legislation.

Bank robbery or not, Big Pharma and their fellow health care robber barons are profiting from practices that would be felonious were it not for their huge lobbying budgets for liberal use in lining the pockets of our nation's highest politicians in hopes of convincing them that a pile of brown malarkey by any other name is a rose. At least they always seem to come away smelling like one. Big Pharma Exposes US Drug Innovation Lie for the win.

Bonus IP piece o' the day: Ocean Spray: Ocean Spray: Rival cranberry company has been told to allow plant inspectionby Jon Chesto at WickedLocal.com.